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Sen. Marco Rubio has a vision for America that's out of touch with the needs of hard working families. WrongWayRubio.com is dedicated to shining a spotlight on Sen. Rubio's extremist positions, numerous ethical lapses, and how at every turn he opposes an economy that works for all of us.

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Rubio opposes raising the minimum wage...and minimum wage laws in general: http://huff.to/VfM1op via WrongWayRubio.com

Rubio: "I believe the Supreme Court made a serious mistake" in supporting marriage equality: http://bit.ly/19umtfI via WrongWayRubio.com

Marco Rubio fined $8k for taking $210,000 in illegal contributions: http://politi.co/1yp6E2z via WrongWayRubio.com

Rubio 1 of only 8 senators who voted against #fiscalcliff deal and raise taxes on the middle class: http://bit.ly/11u4rYm via WrongWayRubio.com

Rubio opposes gun purchase background checks supported by 91% of Floridians: http://ow.ly/jyney via WrongWayRubio.com

Rubio opposed contraception coverage, then joked “none of my children were planned”: http://politi.co/A7WIaN via WrongWayRubio.com

Rubio voted against equal pay for men and women: http://bit.ly/KaKPQ4 via WrongWayRubio.com

Sen. Marco Rubio of West Miami (elev. 3m) mocks climate change: http://bit.ly/YrufMv via WrongWayRubio.com

Sen. Rubio voted against relief for Hurricane Sandy victims: http://bit.ly/Zck0ky via WrongWayRubio.com

When asked how old the Earth is, Rubio said "I'm not a scientist, man." http://bit.ly/Qpxiay via WrongWayRubio.com

Sen. Rubio voted against job training programs for veterans: http://bit.ly/PsBh1y via WrongWayRubio.com

As FBI investigates Rep. Rivera, Rubio tries to keep his distance from BFF: http://bit.ly/QEeoLu via WrongWayRubio.com

Rubio says there isn't enough evidence to prove man-made global warming: http://bit.ly/OMfAIa via WrongWayRubio.com

Marco Rubio defends Florida voter purge: http://bit.ly/PFrO3D via WrongWayRubio.com

Rubio votes against Violence Against Women Act…again: http://bit.ly/1vkpCa1 via WrongWayRubio.com

Marco Rubio fights to restrict women’s access to birth control: http://bit.ly/xrHylr #waronwomen via WrongWayRubio.com

Marco Rubio secured $20 Million for a hospital, then earned 8k-per-month as their consultant: http://bit.ly/yMB2WO via WrongWayRubio.com

Rubio voted to send all money from BP Oil Spill fines to DC instead of impacted coastal states http://on.pnj.com/FPEuGn via WrongWayRubio.com

Rubio's “high-roller political spending” completely contradicts his Tea Party rhetoric: http://bit.ly/b8gkBb via WrongWayRubio.com

"Fiscal conservative" Rubio spent $2.5 million in tax dollars remodeling his office & hefty salaries for political allies via WrongWayRubio.com

Rubio supports extending the deficit-exploding Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans: http://bit.ly/rOsSNh via WrongWayRubio.com

Rubio voted against the American Jobs Act, which would have created 25,900 jobs for Florida: http://bit.ly/v08mKM via WrongWayRubio.com

Rubio supports our addiction to oil which is why Big Oil companies give him so much money: http://sunsent.nl/vE88QI via WrongWayRubio.com

Rubio opposes Hispanic community supported DREAM Act due to pressure from GOP extremists http://bit.ly/tGhWPe via WrongWayRubio.com

Rubio says troops are leaving decade-old war 'too fast'. http://bit.ly/tpZqVW via WrongWayRubio.com